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Sunday, September 28, 2008


My mom made a very recent blog entry on her own blog about a recent news story that spoke of how a man in Bucks County, PA was trying to have his home converted into a church of scientology. It would seem he's having trouble getting approval because a lot of residents don't want that religion in their neighborhood.

Both my mom and I feel that Scientology is a cult. And it's a cult based on the ideas of a science fiction writer no less. Now, if you want to be a scientologist, good for you. I hope you are happy and you certainly have the right to believe whatever you want to. But, some scientologist fanatic decided to leave a comment on my mom's blog that was highly rude and insulting.

Normally, I wouldn't be pissed about it. My mom could easily and without resorting to insults deal with this person and their opinions. But this nut decided to also leave a propaganda link to a scientology information site. We do not promote anyone's religions on our blogs. I've mentioned here on my own that I am pagan but I have never placed up any links to information sites on paganism here and I never will. I've said it before on my blog and I will say it again, no one has the right to foist their own religion on someone.

At my mother's request, I have removed the comment the scientologist made on her blog and I will do so with anyone who comments on my blog and leaves a link to any religious sites. Believe whatever you want to believe people, but you will not be using our blogs to promote those beliefs.


Anonymous said...

Hello, just happened to see this. I'd be curious to see what this person claiming to be a Scientologist said that you found to be rude and insulting. Just be advised that the mask-wearing "Anonymous" haters tend to leave a lot of blog posts around the net falsely claiming to be Scientologists. Don't believe everything you read on the net.

It's unfortunate you find Scientology to be a "cult" (which really isn't such a bad thing anyway - Christianity was considered a cult by the Roman Empire at its inception), but so far the only rude comments I have seen are yours regarding my religion.

Scientologists mean no one any harm. We love Earth and love people and want to help make everything better for us all. We even welcome your help in that goal, even if you dislike us for whatever reason.

Kathy said...

My dear lady, it was your comments to which I referred. Lin's Blog, the blog you commented on, is my mother's. Obviously you google any and all mentions of scientology hence how you have found both of us. I'm truly glad you are happy in your religion. As I stated in my blog, my opinion is that scientology is a cult and in the end, that's all it is. An opinion.

Like I said, under other circumstances your comment would never have been deleted from my mother's blog, but you stepped way over the line when you added a religious link. You are entitled to your opinions, more power to you. But you are NOT going to promote your religion on our blogs. We don't even promote our own religions, we are not about to promote yours. Feel free to comment on our blogs as much as you want, but if you add any links your comments will be deleted.

As to my being rude, all I can say is no one EVER insults my mother and gets away with it. If that makes me rude then I will proudly wear that hat for all the world to see.

Lin said...

HI Kathy,

I just sorta checked out some of what our scientoloigy commentor has up on her own blog and I have to make my own observation. She accused me of spouting what I had learned about it from the net, but she has links in her blog entries for just that...to learn about it on the net. It's sad...truly sad when you cannot remember you are the one attacking others, AND cannot remember that you are ALSO one of those advocating learning about Scientology by surfing the net.

I am truly sorry this woman feels threatened by my meager postings, and deeply concerned by her own short and long term memory problems. Since I admittedly do NOT know all that much about the secret workings of being an L.Ron Hubbard Thetan, I'm not sure if this is a side effect of the intense training that is so frequently spoken of by Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes' handlers. I DO know from my post graduate college studies of relgious theologies as they pertain to cults, all too frequently brain functions are effected, but that is usually caused by brainwashing brought on by drugs, manipulation, deprivation, starvation, terrorizing, and other forms of physical and mental abuse. Does Scientology use such methods? Since they keep most of their practices secret, the only ones who know are those who are on the inside and those who have left exhibiting all the classic post-cult behaviors.

Kathy said...

Isn't it sad how quickly their memories fade? Re-reading her post, it seems she insulted herself as this mask-wearing anonymous scientologist and didn't even realize it. Do you think she should try ginko biloba? Would it help?

Lin said...

Ginko Biloba? How would that react with the other "spices" Thetans are exposed to?

Since I really DON'T know the secrets that go on that David Miscavige, the current head honcho considers their Creed, I'm not sure how Thetans really go about becoming the Upper highly revered Thetans.

Gee, I'm really not sure what you call the Supreme Thetan...(Do you remember when Johnny Carson did Karnack as some sort of bouncing, turbaned head?...Whenever I imagine L.Ron Hubbard, that's the image that keeps popping into my mind...this wisecracking, all knowing, bouncing head...Instead of following the bouncing ball, I imagine Scientologists following the bouncing head.) Bad of me, I know, but after Tom Cruise's shenanigans it REALLY is hard to take Scientology seriously.

Back to Miscavige whatever title Miscavge receives his accolades under is, if Tom Cruise is to be believed about Scientology, (unlike the OBVIOUS lies he tells about his true height,) then most of Scientology is secret.

And THAT makes me wonder what they're so afraid of? What don't they want the rest of us to know?

Cults don't want the outside world to know the truth behind their theologies because usually they are felonious.

However, since I don't have to live with a Thetan, what anyone else does as or NOT as a Scientologist is between them and their Maker...Cosmic Dust Pool...Intergalactic Comet Trail...Super Nova Cataclysm or whatever other name they call their Big Cheese Thetan.