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Saturday, September 13, 2008

They Think We're Dumb

The phone rings. You trip over stuff in your rush to answer it. It's a telemarketer. Oh Joy! It's not bad enough we get a zillion calls from these bozos, especially when we've just sat down to eat, but then they go and think we're stupid.

I just got a call for the second time today from the same company. Both times they asked for my Mom. The first time, when I realized it was a telemarketer I just hung up the phone. The second call just came. The guy asked for my mom. I said she wasn't available, and really she wasn't I didn't lie about that. I swear. You believe me right?:-)

Anyways, I asked if I could take a message. So he asks if I'm a family member. Very reluctantly, I say yes. Then he goes for the big lie that I guess he figures I'm just to dumb to realize is a lie. He says he's calling because my mom expressed an interest in starting her own home-based business. Woop woop woop. The sirens sound. Guess what? I knew it was a lie.

7 years ago, 11 days after 9/11 my mom was involved in a car accident. A girl on her cell phone ran a stop sign and plowed into my mom's car. She suffered serious injuries and has been disabled ever since. A couple weeks ago, she had a minor stroke. No way in hell is my mom going to be trying to start up a business, not even one based in the home.

I told the idiot that no she hadn't expressed any interest in starting a business and to stop calling here. But that's how these clods work. They seriously think if they aren't talking to the person they were calling for that lying and saying they expressed an interest in whatever the company is selling will convince us to take leave of our senses and give out our family's personal info.

I used to work for a telemarketing company when I was going to college. I know how these places work and they really do think we're dumb. The sad part is on occasion they do manage to successfully dupe someone into giving out info. So as a former telemarketer, let me tell you, everything they say to you on the phone is pre-scripted. They really are looking at a printed script telling them what to say.

NEVER believe them if they tell you someone expressed an interest in what their selling. It's totally a con. If a person really expresses an interest in whatever is being sold, they can handle it themselves. Never give them any info. You'll find yourself getting hounded just as much as the person they were trying to reach. Save yourself and your loved ones the hassle.

And one of word of advice to you lovely telemarketers out there...no we really aren't dumb so stop treating us like we are.

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