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Thursday, July 01, 2010

Summer Bash - Day 1!

Welcome to the start up of my month long Summer Bash. This is going to be fun. Every day, someone new will be stopping by. And today, to help us kick off the whole thing is the amazing Chastity Bush. So please grab a cold one, fire up the grills, and help me give Chastity a huge summer time welcome!

Thanks for hosting me today, Kat!

Hello, everyone!
My name is Chastity Bush. At this time I have five romance novels published and either on the shelves or soon to be released.
Why do I like to write you ask? Well, it’s simple. I have an overactive imagination. Always have. Always will.
When other little kids were playing Cowboys and Indians, I was the oddball who was sitting back and putting together their reasons for shooting up each other with sticks.
I find that writing is, in a way, a therapy for me. Whether I have been having a bad day or a good day, when I sit down to write all of those emotions come out and I feel a ton better. I am not sure if it is like this with all writers or if it is just me but I think everyone should at least give it a try. It doesn’t have to be writing. It can be anything from painting to coloring in a coloring book with one of your children. Either way, you will feel great when you are finished.
Now, on to my novels! I was fortunate enough to be signed with Muse It Hot Publishing a couple of months ago and am very happy with my decision. At the time that I was writing this new book I had no clue that what I was writing was an erotic romance. I guess my mind is a little naughtier than I thought!
I have been published with other companies and while they are great, there is something about Muse that makes me feel right at home. My latest book, A Taste of Terror, is not set to be released until December and let me tell you, I am so anxious! I worked long and hard on this book and can’t wait to hear what people have to say about it.
I guess you are wondering what it is about, right? Well, I will tell you.
A Taste of Terror is a paranormal romance about a newly turned werewolf/nurse named Chloe Dunn and an entirely new species of immortal called a Guardian named Cole Douglas.
Cole is set to take down a rogue werewolf who has been turning women and leaving them. Only, when he is attacked by Chloe, he finds not only a new turn but also his mate. But there are more surprises in store for Cole as he learns that Chloe is one of his rogues new turns and a mate to not only himself but possibly his rogue.
This is the second book in the Guard My Heart Series and I plan on there being at least three more to come. These books are so much fun for me to create and I guess my anticipation for the release stems from that.
I would love to hear from you and if you would like to contact me please feel free to do so at: chastitybush@yahoo.com or on my website at: http://chastitybush.webs.com.

Thanks again for hosting me today, Kat! It was a blast!



Lin said...

I am one of Chastity's sister authors at Muse it Up Publishing. We who are joined together in a rich, caring, family atmosphere are truly lucky because we get to really come to know the person behind the magical words. Chastity is one of the most intelligent, giving, and prolific, so-far members of our family. We have special days when we join online loops that allow you, the readers, to interact with us in real time, plus share with you excerpts from our upcoming books. We read them too..I know that's a guilty secret, but hey, we're avid readers too. :)

I can guarantee she will delight and enthrall you because she does that with all of us back at Muse.

So glad you came to visit Kat on her debut bash, Chastity, and Kat, thanks for being so generous in opening your blog for all of us writers yet to come.

Love you both.

chastitybush said...

Lin, you have no idea how wonderful hearing what you think about me makes me feel. Thank you so much ofr your kind words! You too, are a wonderful person and friend.

And Kat, thank you so much for having me today. It was so much fun!

chastitybush said...
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chastitybush said...
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MuseItUp Publishing said...

Chastity, I'm just as excited to see your book released. And currently working on edits for Book Two, Passions Bite, which I'm sure many will enjoy as much as I am reading and editing right now.

I wish you nothing but success.

Kat, this is going to be one heckuva great month with the line up you have. Bravo!

chastitybush said...

I am so happy to hear that you are enjoying Passions Bite. I hope everyone else does as well! I am more and more anxious as the days go by for the releases of both books!

Kat said...

Thanks everyone.:-) And thank you Chastity for being here today.

Ginger Simpson said...

Another Muse Sister checking in. Loved your post, Chastity, and as Lin said, it's awesome to be in such great company. I'm looking forward to the time I can brag about my new releases, and that will be when I get my first cover. I'm truly happy to be among such talent at MIU Publishing. Readers can find out more about Chastity on my blog during my August Blog-a-thon. She's part of an amazing lineup of authors who've reserved a date to "Dish it Out." Love your Blog, Kat. Thanks for sharing space and letting us enjoy Chastity's upcoming releases.

Kat said...

Hey Ging, you can brag anytime you want with or without a cover.:-)

Anny Cook said...

Wow. Sounds like a great series! Congratulations!

chastitybush said...

Thanks, Anny! I hope other readers agree!

Kat, being here was my pleasure!

Ginger- I can't wait to be on your blog!