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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Summer Bash - Day 18!

Today my guest is the amazing fantasy author Marsha Moore. I am so thrilled to have her here today. So, get on your swim fins and help me welcome Marsha Moore to the party!

First mate on the pirate ship, The Black Hawk, reports in on tall tales told in
Tears on a Tranquil Lake
by Marsha A. Moore

It be a grand day to tell ye about a book I be featured in, called Tears on a Tranquil Lake. Tis written by a great lass and fine storyteller, Marsha A. Moore.
I be called Black Sam, in the honored rank o’ first mate on the privateer vessel, The Black Hawk, under the command of Captain Raphael. The Hawk sails under colors o’ the Jolly Rodger and our own hawk on a red field.

The Captain be sweet on a new mermaid we pulled aboard the other night, saving her from the chill o’ cool winter surface waters. Just turned, she be so green, not knowing even to go deep into the water below to protect herself. But fer all the trouble, she be a lovely lass named Ciel, with long golden hair, shapely woman curves, some right pretty blue scales and flipper, if ye have a likin’ for her fish tail. I be thinkin’ Captain likes all her parts, the way he be hanging after her. He looked the fool a tryin’ to get her to join us for a trip down to the pirate waters o’Tortuga.

Ciel and me got to be right good mates, helpin’ me tease Dogbone, our head galley cook. Was hard to keep her aboard though – always wantin’ to swim off with dolphins! *guffaws* Pardon me, remembering her leap-froggin’ with them always brings me a hearty laugh. The trouble that lass could find, even a run in with some evil voodoo!

But her worst trouble be with that merman, Meris, who turned her into a mermaid. Seemed he thought he owned the lass. She believed him too, and put her square in the midst of a struggle tween Captain and him. Poor lass, her head all spun crazy like with the two o’ them wooing her day in, day out. If it weren’t fer me position to serve Captain, I might o’ thown me beret in the ring too. Just so-te-speak, since me cap’s always on, to cover me bald spot. Instead, I tried me best to help the pretty mermaid decide. Took her forever and about wrenched the hearts out o’ those two men. An I won’t be tellin’ ye who the lass picked!

Ye’ll just have to save yer doubloons to get yerself a copy of this tall tale when it be released February 1st in the year 2011 from MuseItHot Publishing. If ye scalliwags be hankering fer more hints, drag yer bones over to the storyteller’s site at http://www.marshaamoore.com/.

Link for Muse: http://museithotpublishing.com/
Thank you so much for being here. This was a lot of fun.:-)


Lin said...

I have had the good fortune to share with the world some of Ceil and Marsha Moore's delightful romp in mermaid-ville and pirate alley. Ceil is a delightful mermaid with a pension for making men fall head over fin for her. It's nice to learn of another who's fallen under her sea twinkling charms. Great interview Kat and Marsha.

Marsha A. Moore said...

Aye! She makes many o' lad's eyes twinkle, including this salty old dog.

I reckoned Paul would be makin' yer comment or be he scared I'll enlist him. Our galley cook be a right good chef an can fix up a mess o' rice krispie treats.

Black Sam, first mate o' the Black Hawk

Unknown said...

Black Sam I love the way you talk. Got any extra grog to spare?:-)

Karen McGrath said...

Very nice, Marsha! Can't wait to read it. :)