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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Summer Bash - Day 10!

Today I have Diego, star of Angel Martinez's stories here talking about his misadventures thanks to his author. So please give me a hand in welcoming Diego via Angel Martinez.

A Few Minutes with Diego

Hola. My name is Santiago Ferdinand Sandoval y Romero, but everyone calls me Diego. Just Diego is fine. *turns his head* Do I really have to do this? Oh. All right.

Finn usually does this sort of thing. He likes the attention, preens under it. I’m not as comfortable in the spotlight but Angel insists that since the next book will have my name plastered on the cover, I should be the one to speak to you. I’m grateful that Finn is getting his story told, don’t get me wrong, it’s the talking about myself part that bothers me.

I was born in Miami, of Cuban parents, though I grew up mainly in New York. It’s hard for a city boy to give up the familiar dances of the crowded streets, the dart and dash of cabs, the tides of pedestrians, the constant sounds of human habitation. But when you have a pooka for a lover, you make certain compromises.

You didn’t know Finn’s a pooka? Oh. Sorry. Yes. Irish fae. I adore his accent. Pookas are shapeshifters and often troublemakers, but Finn’s settled down quite a bit. He doesn’t do well in smog and traffic noise, so we moved up to New Brunswick for a while, to a friend’s house. It’s much better for him in every way to be out of the city. He needs clean water for swimming to stay healthy and a place where he can shift whenever he pleases, into whatever he wants.

Almost anything. I did draw the line at elephant when he saw one on TV and decided to try it out. He couldn’t even try out a nice, small Indian elephant. Oh, no. It had to be one of those huge African tuskers. Right in the living room. I’ve had to replace an awful lot of windows because of things he’s done…

Angel’s laughing at me. She says I was supposed to be talking about myself, not Finn. Ah, well. What would my life be but empty and miserable without him?

So, Angel wrote about how Finn and I met and eventually battled the wendigo in the aptly titled novel Finn. *shudders* Not something I’d want to live over. The wendigo part. The meeting Finn and falling in love part I’d gladly revisit. Then there’s a bit about our life together in Canada in the short story Finn’s Christmas. (Don’t tell her that I cried at the end of the Christmas story. She’ll roll her eyes at me.)

But now we’ve moved on. I’ve bought a house in the western Montana woods where Finn can have all he needs and I can have some peace and privacy to write.

Look for Diego, coming late in 2010, to see what happens next. Somehow, I have the bad feeling it won’t be a book full of quiet suppers and stargazing…

Thank you so much for being here. I enjoyed getting to know you Diego. And I enjoyed getting to know Angel through you.


Lin said...

What a rich and eventful life you have. Finding love is such an amazing thing and something very few actually Do find. Cherish it, nuture it, and thank you for honoring us with sharing it. Your story will inspire others.

Larion aka Larriane Wills said...

Diego sounds as if he's adjusted well to having such an unusual lover. thanks heavens he didn't try a whale.

Angel Martinez said...

Diego ~ Thank you, Lin! I'll certainly do my level best never to let him go. Larion - oh, so right! Especially since he would have wanted to try different KINDS of whales.