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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Summer Bash - Day 17!

Today my party guest is Terry Kate of Romance In The Backseat. I am completely thrilled to have her today. She is so much fun. So please help me welcome Terry Kate!

Oh goody, it’s a party! Thanks to Kat for having me, since I am not an author I can only give you limited insight into anything craft related. Career related I am much more useful. I run a number of blogs, writing contests, giveaways, virtual events, and PR/Online Promotion consulting. So leave any questions you might have in the comments and I will answer them.I made up some questions to interview myself, I have multiple personalities I might as well use them.Why I like to torture authors - Cause it is fun?Okay that sounds terrible, but for some reason authors seem to think guest blogging, interviews, promotion, and such is torturous. I hear you, it is not easy to come up with concepts all of the time that will interest readers. So here are my thoughts...What can authors do to make guest blogging easier?Talk to the Blogger/Reviewer. Ask them what kind of blog posts get the most attention.- Author Interviews?- Character Interviews?- Talking about interesting bits from your research - ghost stories, history, etc.- Tie ins with pop culture, I love vamps, but like Vampire Diaries Damon more the Stephan that is why my character, such and such, blah, blah, blahs.What can I do to make my guest blog stand out?- Excerpt, different from the synopsis and related to content of the post, Keep it short.- Images - pick some fun images to go in your post. Give the blogger some options of what to include. They may use all or none. - Come comment on the post and let readers know you will be dropping in to answer questions.Do I only blog when I have a release?NOOOO!!! We like authors all the time whether they have a new release or not. Come talk about your take on the world cup, discuss and older title that had a birthday party in it during a blogs birthday party. Offer to blog on whatever topic the blogger needs you to. If that is your first time on a blog also offer them a copy of your book to review. If it is still available it will be new to some readers and then you just hit all new readers and slipped in a gentle reminder that you are still around and writing to those who have read your work in the past.I am unpublished, can I guest blog?-Yes, though let me qualify, some blogs will take you to talk about different subjects, I wen to a conference, saw a movie, admire this author because, opinion pieces, funny writing or life antidote. E-books vs. Print books. - A lot of blogs and smaller sites are looking for content. You make connections and meet readers, get them familiar with your pan name. People who feel like they know you buy your books.

I hope this was helpful, and if you would like to learn more leave your questions, or check out the http://www.blogger.com/”%3Ca”>Book Bloggers and Authors Online Conference on August 6&7. You can network with bloggers and reviewers, and learn all about what online promotion and other forms of PR can do for you.Thanks again to Kat! I really enjoyed reading through the posts from the party - awesome job!

Terry KateRomance in the Backseathttp://www.romanceinthebackseat.com/

Thanks again for being here Terry. I loved reading what you had to say!


Ginger Simpson said...

Thanks for sharing tips. As someone who has two blogs, I frequently struggle with what to post next. Is it "politically" correct to recycle blogs posted over two years ago, especially when I'm posting on someone else's blog and I'm pretty sure that back then, my blog didn't have the exposure it does today.

Lin said...

I have no idea where to begin with asking questions of this. I am a new, soon-to-be author who has amassed eight contracts so far...I know how bizarre that sounds...me, a new, soon-to-be published author, yet I have eight contracts, but I actually did try to get published over ten years ago, but my then editor and agent were more interested in poetry than fictional story telling, so I have all these manuscripts sitting around collecting dust.

Since I did not have a clue about the whole blog experience, I came up with my own idea and have been running a daily blog posting for the covers and stories behind those covers for the new publishing house at Muse It Up Publishing. After reading your interview I think I may have accidently figured out one aspect of this blog tool. I wonder if you could check it out and let me know what you think? My blog is
And thank you for the amazing amount of information you shared with us today.

Terry Kate said...

Hi Ginger and Lin,
Thanks for the Comments!
Ginger, I reuse stuff. I think it is fine after two years but I am not the Blog Police. I have heard they lurk around corners though.
I hope you bot check out the Book Bloggers and Authors Online Conference It is an awesome time of learning, I as the organizer moderator - get even more opportunities to blab - and other great authors and bloggers too. Then everyone can weigh in on your recycled blog question Ginger!

Thanks Ladies,
Terry Kate

Terry Kate said...

Okay everyone go to Lin's Blog - Then read my answer.

Ms Lin - I LOVE LOVE LOVE your idea. Covers are so key! Featuring them is a great idea. For the technical end - there are some places you can check out and some bloggers who give some great tips to get you off the ground.
I like Cutest Blog on the Block.
- Now I have a question for you, this seems to be a new blog getting off the ground. You have 8 contracts. Do you really want to maintain your own blog? There are a lot of great existing blogs and likely the publishers blog that might take some pressure off you posting everyday. If you have any other questions I will be popping in over the next few days.

Thanks everyone,
Terry Kate

jimjamjim said...

Featuring covers is a great way to attract the eyes of readers.

Lin said...

Thank you for your response Terry Kate. I am doing the daily blog as a way of promoting my fellow authors at Muse because I couldn't figure a way to do regular guest blogs that were different, and wouldn't require me coning up with unique questions too.

Karen McGrath said...

Thanks for sharing, Terry Kate. The conference sounds wonderful!

Terry Kate said...

Hi Jim and Karen -
Thanks sooo much for dropping in!
I look forward to the conference myself.

It is an awesome thing you are doing for the authors to support them, I hope they appreciate it because I know it will be work for you.
Thanks again Kat for having me!
Terry Kate