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Friday, July 23, 2010

Summer Bash - Day 23!

Today my guest is Talia Kelley and she's fearlessly diving into the pool with sharks. So please help me welcome her to the bash!

1: When did you first begin writing?

I don’t remember a time when I wasn’t writing something, whether poetry or prose, but I remember getting in trouble for the first short story I wrote that wasn’t assigned—an erotic short story from first-person perspective. I was sixteen. I didn’t write another erotic tale until I was twenty-seven.

2: Where do you get your inspiration for writing from?

Usually, it’s a phrase, or a what-if question. For example, “Just Ducky” sprang from the question, “What if a rubber duck was more than just a bath toy?” Occasionally, a story grows from a dream. “Sabine” started with a scene of a beautiful woman with long, black hair hurrying up a spiral stone staircase. Her sense of urgency woke me.

3: Do you have any rituals that help you get in the mood to sit down and write?

If I’m a little stuck, I’ll read through a little bit of my story, put on either my Celtic or Buckethead CD, depending upon the story, and lie down for an hour. That usually lets me reach REM sleep.

4: Are you a plotter or a pantser when you write? Why does that work for you?

I’m a little bit of both. I create the characters, give them background even if I don’t intend to write that background into the plot, and then put those characters into situations. I usually have an idea of the ending, but most often, the characters take me someplace else.

5: Who are some of your favorite authors to read when you are not writing?

Honestly, I don’t have much time to read anything other than school books, but I do enjoy reading the books that I edit for Red Rose as I work. One of my favorites has been The Gully Path, by Sue Clifton.

6: Are you currently reading anything right now?

I am reading/editing part of the Anchorage Series, by Sandra Stixrude. I’m going to end up buying the entire series.

7: How do you deal with writer’s block?

If it’s a major block, I start another story. That gets the juices flowing. Then I can get back to the first story.

8: What do you like to do for fun when you’re not writing?

I like to hop on the back of my Beloved’s Harley and go for a good, long ride.

9: If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go and why?

I would love to see the tulips in Holland.

10: What advice do you have for new authors?

You must write. Get the story down, and then worry about polishing. Otherwise, a hundred-page story can take a year.

11: Is there anything you’d like people to know about you?

My books spring from my imagination. I’m an actress, putting myself into roles.

12: Tell us a bit about your book. What’s it about?

“Just Ducky” is an erotic romance with a fairy-tale flavor. It involves an arranged marriage, a lost gem, a dying suitor, a village wise-woman, an ancient bath toy, a modern-day heiress, and the wheel of fate.

Thank you Talia for being here. I loved doing this with you. It was a real treat.


Erika Gilbert said...

Your story sounds so original - not the run of the mill romance! I look forward to hearing more about it.

MuseItUp Publishing said...

Erotica and fairy tales...sounds like a fun read. Love the cover and title. I wish you success.

Talia Kelley said...

Thanks, Kat, for this opportunity to share a little bit about myself and my book.

- Talia

Lin said...

Kat is my daughter and she has been tellign me about your cover and the premise behind it for weeks. She loves the idea and after reading your interview I can understand why. Excellent blog posting Ladies.